hideaway camping boat

A special built boat designed to allow camping in comfort in an area where no camping is allowed on shore. It has no motors and is towed and securely anchored very close to shore in shallow waters where you can step out and walk to shore or be anchored in any desired place.

It is fully environmental friendly and regulated to the highest safety standards. It has solar power and has storage tanks for all its wastes. It is only accessible by a power boat or kayaks which are supplied in the hire charge.

Registered dingy and outboard motor is included with hire

Want to go camping without all the work?

Want to go camping in one of the best places in Australia?

Want to go camping in great comfort and be on the water?

Don’t want the responsibility of driving a house boat in unknown waters not knowing the rules?

Want to just relax, be on the surf beach, swim in calm clear water, fish , crab, kayak or run around exploring in your own dingy or cook up a BBQ with a glass of refreshment?

Well this is your holiday ! The only one in Australia.



What do I need to bring?

Personal towels, clothes, food, drinks, esky and ice.

How is the boat secured?

By two large anchors placed in opposite direction and also has a large emergency anchor. In some areas it is on a secured swing mooring.

How do I get my gear to the boat?

We meet you at a point and take all your equipment over for you and bring it back after your great stay. You follow us over in the dingy or kayaks supplied.

Where are our anchor options?

It can be anchored anywhere along Bribie island close to shore or on a mooring outside the Caloundra power boat club or at Golden Beach. The position is what you would like and best suited to the weather conditions.

What if I need to contact you?

We have mobile reception, a UHF and VHF radios. You get a full briefing on arrival and a manual with all procedures. There is recharge systems on board for your phone or I pads. We have a rescue boat on standby all the time.

Can I take my animals?

Sorry but no, you are staying in a National park and no domestic animals are allowed. There are kangaroos, dingos, lizards and a huge array of bird life to enjoy on the island.